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Perhaps one of the more chirpier days!

It’s been a few days of lull and dull.

And after caving in (damn you, weak spirit) and signing up for the pre-order-that-shan’t-be-named (yet), I thought the downhill spiral would never end. At least not for a while.

Today changed everything. Well, not everything. But it sure as heck made me feel a lot better about life!

On the way to recording, I received mail (well, e-mail) from an MIA source. It’s been a long while. It isn’t exactly over. Yet.

The morning officially started at 9am, with all-too-familiar characters, doing not-so-familiar things. Recording at Backbeat Studios!


Back to office for some art & craft! This week, it’s Angry Birds.


Then a wonderful girl (Ashley) dropped by and asked if I wanted chendol (one of the best desserts (when done well) ever!).

 I’m all set for class, pumped up with sugar, and feeling tremendous about being able to fund the pre-order-that-shan’t-be-named (yet).

If only every day was Today.

Still, I’m a blessed blessed girl.

Happy Source: Backbeat Studios & Where I Work, Singapore


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