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Universal Studios Singapore was…

… not as amazing as I expected.

But, the atmosphere was indeed enchanting. It was like entering another world (which I guess is the point).

My day at Universal Studios Singapore, on Hari Raya Puasa, with people from Work, in pictures, shot with 2 cameras.

The people I went with.

The neighboring neighbor.

The globe no one could miss.

The lovable tourists, full of love.

Was so excited when I saw the sign (I’m a sucker for dinosaurs). Sadly, the main attraction was closed for repairs.

With the woman who has issues with time. Heh.

The Hersheys babes, waiting for the (slowest) ride ever (We would later lose terribly for the scavenger hunt. But we had tonnes of fun! Or at least I did :P).

Revenge of the Mummy ride. Whee.

Props that made the place more convincing.

The first proper rollercoaster. Conquered.

Category 5 hurricane in Spielberg’s Soundstage.

Made to look like New York. Good effort.

People-watching. One of the most interesting activities of the day.

Love, vintage signs.

Performers, live.

Lunch was yum. @ Mel’s Diner.

Friends to end the day (of scavenger hunting) with.

The Land of Shrek.

Coolest 3D glasses I’ve seen, at the Shrek 4D show.

Best show of the day, easily. @ Water World.

Different, world.

The babes I love. On the way out.

The souvenir.

Happy Source: Universal Studios Singapore, Where I Work.


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