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Cafes + Stationery

This is precisely what I went to Seoul for.

Okay I exaggerate. But really, it was important.

The land of cafes and stationery. Every street had a cafe and each cafe had its own style (besides the usual Starbucks and Coffee Bean, of course). I was blessed to stay in an area where cafes could be found in every nook and cranny.

It seems like I spent most of my time in MMMG. I didn’t. But the brand has become so established, it’s featured in almost every stationery store I went into. I figured, it’s time I stepped into the headquarters that’s just round the corner from the guesthouse.

Seoul is filled with all sorts of cafes. All arty and chill, some even with their own stationery store. Those with a soft spot for stationery, beware.

Apart from the cafes, other major places I visited (and splurged on) – Alpha (6 floors of stationery, hello!), YoungPoong (major bookstore in Seoul, akin to Kinokuniya), Kyobo (another major bookstore in Seoul, this one apparently ranked top bookstore 8 years consecutively), Sangsangmadang (more art gallery than stationery store, but the first floor’s a store that features some intriguing designs).

I spent so much on stationery, I can’t even begin to describe.

P.S. Actually, I can. And it’s going to be in another post, coming up soon. For now, goodnight!

I’ll relive Seoul tomorrow.


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