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Changdeokgung + Secret Garden (in Changdeokgung) + Jongmyo Shrine + Gyeongbokgung + Deoksugung

The architecture is grand and I love it to bits, but honestly, after a while, it all looks the same. I know architects/designers would frown at my ignorance, but in short, this sums up the palaces.

Get the combination ticket. At ₩10,000, it just makes more sense. Unless, of course, you only plan to visit 1 (and only 1) palace.


Namsan + Inwangsan

The view wasn’t great because of the constant drizzle and fog. But it sure made the climbs (up and down) the mountains much easier.

Outside of Seoul

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone – the border between North and South Korea) + JSA (Joint Security Area)

The DMZ tour was some sort of fun. It’s as touristy as it gets. Only difference: Our tour guide was an American soldier.

We stopped at Dorasan Station, beyond which is North Korea. The train from Seoul doesn’t come here, for obvious reasons. The station itself has no real function (for some reason, at this point, Woodleigh station in Singapore came to mind. Haha) except to act as a tourist spot. A poster at the station paints a hopeful picture of unification.


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