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Today went well. The tour went by without a glitch. We saw US soldiers, glanced at North Korean soldiers, and took pictures of South Korean soldiers. We visited places of significance, took some pictures, and delved deep into a tunnel.

Mostly, we were banned from taking pictures of many major areas. Particularly interesting was an American lady who decided that it was her duty to remind me, for the entire day, not to take pictures when I was seen holding up my camera at certain spots. Well, only two spots really. But gosh, I haven’t met a more (how should I put it?) “kiasi” person in my life. And she’s not even Singaporean. Go figure 😀

On the bridge into DMZ.

Happy Source: Not-exactly-the-most-happy-place-in-the-world, DMZ.

P.S. Watching Criminal Minds and eating Twix currently rocks my world. After another full day of culture, shopping and food, I’m taking a break from Korea 😛
I still love 대한민국 though!


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