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Goodbye, Harry Potter.

I feel like a mini, mini chapter of my life just closed.

I’m not sure if this last one was great, because the previous few episodes were painful. Not as painful as this movie or this of course. But they weren’t that great.

I’m inclined to think that it was good. Largely because it’s the final one. After a decade of Harry Potter, we’re finally at the last. It’s like I grew up with the movie, as many others did. I think for many, it was a large part of their lives. Harry Potter fanatics, book or movie. I’m not much of a Harry Potter fan. But I watched every movie there was.

Actually, I forgot most parts in between. Because honestly, who in the world remembers the content of a series that began 10 years ago (again, I’m not a HP fan, so I could be wrong)?

Still, this last one was a must-watch. It was such a must-watch, that I ended up sitting through the entire movie while in the first row. First row. A recurring thought during the movie: Who the hell pays this much to crane their neck for 2 hours?

Still, I did it. There were moments when I wanted to just get up and move to the back and sit on the stairs for the rest of the movie. But I didn’t. Because of social norms.

2 hours and 10 minutes later.

Goodbye, Harry Potter & friends. You were a source of entertainment for 10 years.

P.S. If you ever want to catch a movie in 3D, but think that paying for a 3D ticket (given the current state of 3D movies, i.e. sucky) is silly, sit in the first row. I felt like I flew through the rides together with the characters during the action-packed parts of the show.

Happy Source: Harry Potter 7, part 2.


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