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Fingers very tightly crossed. Please.

Technically, this place isn’t a happy place. Far from it.

But I’m a sucker for history. And the thought of being able to visit a place that we read about in school, a place that still continues its function outside of the history books, is exciting.

Among the amusing things I just learnt from googling this trip:

1. Visitors have to observe a strict dress code. No funky hair, no faded/ripped jeans, no provocative t-shirts, etc.

Reason: According to the South, the North takes pictures of visitors and may use funky/hippie/outoftheordinary photos of people on their propaganda posters in the North to show their civilians how unorthodox democracy is.

2. Ladies are not allowed to be in skirts or heels.

Reason: You sign an indemnity form to agree to be responsible for any “injury or death as a direct result of enemy attack”. And according to the South, in case of enemy attack, ladies are not allowed to wear skirts or heels as those inhibit running from danger (I chuckled at this one).

Intense shit.

So please, let this work! Reservation, passport clearance and all.

Fingers crossed.

(Not so) Happy Source: DMZ/JSA, Korea


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