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Monthly Archives: June, 2011

If I could read minds

I wish I knew just what you were thinking, when you look at me the way you do. Happy Source: Dasher Brandon Lek P.S. I love you. Advertisements

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The Beaver

Well, to be honest, it’s far from happy. The trailers may lead you to think otherwise. A man with a puppet, who uses it to guide his life, seems to … Continue reading

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This song makes me want to go clubbing right now. And I hate clubbing.

Is a powerful song. Berton Tan, you’ve got it stuck in my head since 2 nights ago. ♥ the loopy effects in the video. Happy Source: Berton Tan -> 2PM … Continue reading

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I love you, Meow.

Though you randomly pounce on my feet and chomp on my hand, I still ♥ you. Happy Source: Home

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I haven’t had such fun in a long time.

This picture nicely summarizes the day. Happy Source: Amy Leo, Ann Siang Hill. P.S. We need to do this again soon, with our other girls ♥

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Nothing beats a good cake.

An afternoon at Ann Siang with Amy 🙂 Happy Source: Kki, Ann Siang Hill

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Have you ever wished for an endless moment?

You’re keeping me calm through all kinds of crises. Happy Source: Puppy, Home P.S. Oh darling, could you never grow up, could you never grow up. Could you stay this … Continue reading

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