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Technological wonders.

Technology has transformed our lives. I sometimes forget how. Nothing beats today’s shocktastic reminder.

1. See a guy on the train using his phone, while it’s still sitting in a box. Reckon he found a random well-designed box and used it as his phone case.

2. Get reminded of a similar phone case once seen on the Internet. Designed like a box, specially for the phone.

3. Out of boredom, google “gorgeous iPhone box cases”.

4. Find interesting/gorgeous case. Find said case’s price+shipping a tad steep.

5. Out of curiosity, google “Little Black Book for iPhone 4, Singapore”.

6. Find various forums and posts about said product. Find someone wanting to sell his Little Black Book.

7. Text the guy with the number provided in the forum post. Get instant reply.

8. Hop off the train (that was heading for home) and board another that heads for arranged meet-up point.

9. Meet seller, check product, pay up, own case!

Technology is amazing.

Happy source: Bukit Panjang, Singapore (originally, Minneapolis, USA).


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This entry was posted on May 17, 2011 by in Happyshots.
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