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Monthly Archives: May, 2011

Obscure, pretty song.

This song was not easy to find. But yay for technology and google! Happy Source: South Korea P.S. Off the OST of New Heart, a Korean drama about doctors. Korea’s … Continue reading

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The New Toy

In less than 2 hours, new toy, no more. Happy Source: Taiwan

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A great song for emo nights and broken hearts.

WARNING: This is definitely not a happy song. But it’s pretty. And I’m currently in love with the voice that belongs to this man. Happy Source: Taiwan

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It’s all okay as long as I have you.

A holiday can wait. Happy Source: SPCA, Singapore P.S. I love you.

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If I can’t have Strawberry Fields, this will have to do.

Happy Source: Some supermarket, Singapore Since I can’t have Cameron Highlands, you’ll do. For now.

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SGD400 to Malaysia?!

It’s between an 8-hour bus ride (when the holiday’s only 2D1N) or a SGD400 air ticket+SGD90 private car to get to this beauty. Happy/Not-so-happy Source: Cameron Highlands Cameron Highlands Resort, … Continue reading

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Happy crowd

Dinner with the JC gang. Happy Source: Tan Lay Khim, Edmond Lim, Nelson Lim P.S. Big changes ahead 🙂

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